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Deccan Herald turns new page! It’s 73rd birthday for Karnataka’s very own English daily

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Mysuru: News is no more restricted to newspapers. It’s been years since the medium of news has trickled down to various modes, courtesy technology.

Digital is the new found way of accessing and assessing news, at the tap of cellphone or click of the mouse, with numerous portals joining the business.

Still, very few media houses, in print, are in the realm, not to forget to adapt technology to stay afloat, turning new page year after year with undaunting spirit.

Deccan Herald Karnataka’s very own English daily turns 73 on June 16, today.

It was on this day on June 16, 1948, Deccan Herald was launched with a tea party at its South Parade office ( which later came to be known as M G Road) in Bengaluru (earlier Bangalore in erstwhile Mysore State), reads a photo head and a caption on page three of its Mysuru edition.

The photo is of an invite printed then, carefully preserved till date by a long time reader. It’s the love of many such readers, passed on to generations, that has made DH-73.

For record, K N Guruswamy a business baron was the founder, about whom even the likes of royals to riches of then Mysore State had a great respect.

Guruswamy was also a known philanthropist and most of the organisations stand still as a testimony to his benevolence.

It has been continued by the management still, with DH-PV Relief Fund, helping Covid survivors now.

Whenever there is a distress in society, TPML wakes up with its initial donation, along with the funds raised from the readers, the unwavering bond that denotes the trust.

A flagship brand of The Printers Mysore Limited, known as TPML, DH (Deccan Herald) still remains a household name spanning generations.

Starting from Pothan Joseph who laid a firm foundation as Editor, with his column ‘ Over a Cup of Tea’ becoming widely popular, it has seen many at the editorial, for whom news counts first than the views.

For those having a ‘Nose For News’, the first print of ‘Over a cup of Tea’ that marked the inaugural edition of Deccan Herald dated June 17, 1948 can be still read on ‘The Joseph Family Website.

When English was considered as a language of elites with more anglicised approach, DH made it easy from a layman to learned, irrespective of those having a smattering of the language and masters, to stay connected with the happenings around.

Though the rivals in the realm challenged the monopoly of DH in numbers, the unwavering trust of the readers on whom the owners too bank upon, has made it ‘alive and kicking’ not compromising on its quality.

Moreover, it’s among very few media houses, where the workers from lower rung to the top can be assured of a steady pay and savings ( though of late contract system has not spared TPML also), suffice for a healthy lifestyle.

There were times, when a job in TPML was equated with a government job. 

Apart from DH, TPML publishes Prajavani a prominent Kannada daily, Sudha a weekly and Mayura a monthly.

The third generation is at the helm, with Kumar-trioka K N Harikumar, K N Tilak Kumar and K N Shanthakumar, ably assisted by their progenies, the fourth generation honing skills to carry on the legacy.

Happy birthday DH!

– Team Mysoorunews

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