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Deadly Russel Viper caught at RBI quarters

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Mysuru: Russel Viper a deadly snake was caught at Bharateeya Reserve Bank Note Mudranalaya Limited employees quarters at Metagalli in the city on Thursday.

The relief was it was a three day old baby, but it is also no less poisonous. The reptile was found inside a bucket kept out of a house. Thinking that it may be like any other snake, one of the residents called Kemparaju a herpatologist by passion who works with the department of fire and emergency services department. However shock was in store for them when they learnt that ‘ viper bite is deadly and the skin will rot in the case of receiving the bite’.

Kemparaju told Mysooru News ‘It’s a fourth snake of the same species rescued in the recent days at the same quarters’.

The baby snakes are usually found in the month of June and July as it’s the season for mother snakes to release the babies. Unlike other species of snake, which lay eggs, vipers release the young ones.

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