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Dasara elephants offered traditional welcome at Mysuru Palace

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Mysuru: Dasara elephants were ushered into Mysore Palace premises with all traditions associated with Nada Habba every year, on Thursday.

Mayor Sunanda Phalanethra, Deputy Mayor Aftab Ahmed, district minister S T Somashekar, MLAs S A Ramadass and L Nagendra, Zoo Authority of Karnataka Chairman L R Mahadeva Swamy and others participate in the rituals associated with welcoming of Dasara elephants at Mysuru Palace on Thursday.

The district administration offered royal welcome to the jumbos led by howdah carrier Abhimanyu at Jayamarthanda gate of the palace, between 8-36 AM and 9-11 AM during the auspicious Tula Lagna.

The other elephants are- Ashwathama, Vikrama, Gopalswamy, Dhananjaya, Kaveri, Chaitra and Lakshmi.

Women offer poorna kumba welcome to Dasara elephants in Mysuru

District Administration and Mysuru Palace Board had arranged royal guard of honor to elephants and welcomed them with showering of flower petals.

Earlier Dasara elephants led by Abhimanyu were offered special puja at Aranya Bhavan at 6-30 AM.

Nadaswara artistes perform during the traditional welcome for Dasara elephants at Mysuru Palace

From Aranya Bhavan to Palace, the elephants walked through Ashoka Circle, Ramaswamy Circle and Chamaraja double Road.

District Minister ST Somashekar, Mayor Sunanda Phalanethra, DC Dr Bagadi Goutham, Police Commissioner Dr Chandragupta and others welcomed the elephants with Gaja Puja.

Kits were distributed to mahouts and kavadis of Dasara elephants

Like previous year, 411th year Dasara in Mysuru is also simple and traditional. Due to Covid protocols festivities is restricted Chamundi Hill and Mysore Palace.

On October 15, Abhimanyu and team will participate in Jambo Savari within Palace previncts for about 200 metres.

Veeranahosahalli the first reserve forest was earlier called Veeranahosahalli jungle. It is now attached to Nagarahole National Tiger Reserve Forest.

MUDA Chairman H V Rajiv, MLA S A Ramadass, district minister S T Somashekar, Mayor Sunanda Phalanethra, MLA L Nagendra, Mylac Chairman H V Phanish and others are seen.

Since Maharaja’s rule elephants are brought from Veeranahosahalli for Dasara. There is also a mention in records that “elephants were selected from Veeranahosahalli in 1866 and taken to Dasara in Mysuru.”

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