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Covid- 19! Predicament of medical professionals

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R Chandra Prakash

Mysuru: We, the ordinary human beings, hold doctors in high esteem. And, there is a specialist doctor for each and every part of our body and each and every type of disease. A doctor for us is next to God, if one dares to admit. And why not? Doctors help us to overcome every health issue we confront in our life. They cure recurring ailments of our near and dear ones. They treat us and our family members during critical times like accidents or near death situations. Doctors are the bedrocks of our subconscious faith that we will continue to live, and live a healthy and active life.

And becoming a doctor is an arduous task, at least in allopathy it is more so. Exceptions apart, merit and merit alone is the stepping stone into the portals of medical institutions. And having stepped in, the competition and training become more and more intense and challenging at every stage.They spend longest period of education and training compared with any other profession. And these days when a Post Graduate Degree has become a bare minimum to be accepted by the society, the training becomes longer and more competitive. Their white coats automatically convert a visitor’s feelings from mere admiration to total surrender.

India trained medical professionals are serving all over the world. They have left our shores either for better recognition or better emoluments. Irrespective of the reasons this has drained the country of well trained medical professionals. This is a matter of great concern, and may be a different discussion. The reduced number of medical professionals who are serving us thus get extra respect and importance in the country.

Doctors are under an oath to serve the ailing, come what may, irrespective of colour and creed etc., And till Covid-19 there was hardly any reason to question this part of this profession. But for the past 15 plus days scenario has changed dramatically. Their oath seems to be  under scanner. Why is that a large number of doctors, mostly privately practicing ones, are missing from the scene? I  myself have more than 10 doctors, practicing different specialisations, closely known to me. Most of them are either not available over the mobile or their shutters are down. However, those working with the government have no such choices. They have to attend to their duties. Similarly a few committed NGOs running hospitals are also serving even the Covid 19 patients.     

Why has it so happened? May be for the first time within known memory. The reason is quite obvious. The diabolic nature of Covid-19 virus. It does not differentiate between a doctor and an ordinary patient. Further, it cannot be so easily diagnosed. Its symptoms take comparatively a long time to get recognised. An ordinary patient might meet the doctor and go. Only after a week or so will one know whether that person had Covid -19 infection. And in the mean time he could have passed it on to the doctor and through this doctor to so many other innocent patients who would have visited this Doctor.

That is the reason why I call this Covid 19 virus a ‘Ghost’, its presence is elusive and time will alone expose it.

Therefore, all the doctors, are under threat of getting this infection. And this is the threat which has created a predicament before the medical profession. Can they expose self and through other innocent persons visiting them? Or better it is to vanish temporarily from the scene? And their predicament is understandable.

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– Team Mysoorunews 


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