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Covid-19 Edin Task Force! Mysuru HRs joining hands to help needy

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Mysuru: Edin Synergy, Mysuru which is well known for its unique CSR initiatives in the city is serving 500 meals per day to the needy in and around Mysuru.

According to a release, it is stated that “about 150 HRs have joined hands for this noble cause forming “COVID19-Edin Task Force”. COVID19-Edin Task Force is further divided into Edin Onsite Volunteers and Edin Office Facilitators”.

Volunteers of ‘Covid-19 Edin Task Force distributing food to the needy and feeding stray dogs in Mysuru. ( Photos above and below).

Edin On-site volunteers (Theme: feed the needy)

Around 500 food packets with water bottles are distributed to the needy in and around Mysuru. The On-site volunteers B Vijay Machaiah, Pooja V, Kushal Rao T, Sharath Chandra R, Goutham B M, Bharath S, Raghavendra D, H S Mohan Kumar, Ravi Nandhan, Manjunath N, Bindu G P & K Raghav Prasad are on the job of distributing food packets & water bottles which from April 2.

The food packets are distributed to patients relatives at KR Hospital, to homeless migrants, civic workers, lone senior citizens, abandoned pets & duty-bound policemen in and around Mysuru. The distribution starts1at 11:30 am every day & depending on the requirement, the team moves to different locations including the city outskirts & remote places. Onsite volunteers are working to the extent of loading 20-30 food packets to their two-wheeler and distributing it to the places where there are small requirements.

The team is also coordinating with Mysuru City Corporation to understand the food requirements at various location of Mysuru. The food is cooked in more hygienic condition and menu includes rice bath, lemon rice and curd rice. The initiative is self-funded by the Edin Group Members and objective of the Group is that no disserted people in Mysuru should further suffer from hunger.

The needy can call following numbers for the food- Kushal Rao T, 9986625070, Raghavendra D, 9538469916, Bharath S, 9880875412, Bindu G P, 9980802873, H S Mohan Kumar, 9886316464 & Pooja V, 9538920692.

The team is capable of running the activity  up to April 30. The initiative is supported by The Mysuru Stay hotel which has offered its facility to cook food and logistic support is provided by Smart Solutions Events, Mysuru.

Edin Off-site Facilitators (Theme: support from home)

Facilitators at home are performing the following Tasks

1. Creating COVID19 Awareness using social platforms
2. Facilitating community purchases
3. Assisting lone senior citizens for emergency medical purchase
4. Arranging four- wheeler for any Non-COVID medical emergencies
5. Feeding the abandoned pets.
6. Any other offsite emergency assistances

How it Works
1. Awareness
The offsite facilitator will create a WhatsApp group of his/her area community and creating awareness about the importance of staying at home, social distancing, using masks, washing hands with sanitizers & self-hygiene. Share the necessary emergency helpline number.

2. Community Purchase
The offsite facilitator will find out a store nearby that can do home delivery of food items/medicines. With the help of WhatsApp group created they will compile requirements & facilitate community purchase.

3. Support Senior Citizens
The offsite facilitator will facilitate lone senior citizens to purchase food items, emergency medicines & any other emergency support.

Facilitators are strictly advised to stay at home & support the needy. They support the needy with as much as information/awareness as possible & avoiding visiting. Around 40 Office facilitators are already on the task.

– Team  Mysoorunews

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