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Coronavirus! Don’t take it lightly, appeals Otto Huber theatre director from Swiss

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Mysuru: “I‘m being asked how I am because of the coronavirus. I‘ll briefly describe our situation in Switzerland and send an appeal to you at the same time”, are the words of Otto Huber from Switzerland.

Huber has written exclusively for Mysoorunews.com from ground zero detailing the prevailing conditions.

Life here in Switzerland and throughout Europe has changed dramatically because of the coronavirus. This in a very short time. The whole social system has been upset. Above all, cultural workers are suffering from this. We have to stay at home. All public works have been suspended, and not only in the cultural sphere, of course. More or less only health care institutions and grocery stores are open. We can no longer go to meetings, to rehearsals, we have to stay at home and older people cannot even shopping, there is a curfew. Mobility for older people is limited, ie., we are allowed to go for walks and jogging for a short time, all by ourselves and we always have to be aware of the social distance, i.e. not coming closer than two metres, which applies to everyone, clearly in the public area, but also partly in the private area. In addition: In the public area no more than 5 people may come together, with social distancing, of course”, said Huber.
Fortunately, the virus wave has not reached you in India in the same intensity as here, but we don’t know how the spread continues.
It is my intention to tell you: Please do not take warnings lightly, please be careful when the first signs of an infection become visible, look today how you can protect yourself from an epidemic, please, look how you can act in soldierly way. I don‘t want to paint a black picture, I don’t want to spread alarmism and I never want to frighten you, I simply want to appeal to reason and tell you.
Here in Europe we first saw the development of the virus wave not coming in this fury and thought that is a small interclude. It is not.
We do not know how our lives here will continue for months to come. I am writing this to you because I care about your well-being, so I hope that you will understand my letter and take it to heart. I wish you all the best.
Things are really bad in Swiss, we have to take all the orders of our government very seriously, they are largely monitored by the police, a completely new situation for our liberal-democratic world here.
I think we all have to help each other in this crisis situation, feels Huber.
An example: For younger people the virus is not very dangerous (in most cases harmless), but for older and vulnerable people it is. The problem is that if the health system collapses (as in Italy and this is a concern in other countries here, including Switzerland), if there are too many infected people, then younger people cannot receive adequate medical treatment, no matter what illness or accident they suffer from.
And this is also true for all other people, because there are other serious diseases besides coronavirus infection that need immediate treatment. That is what we see in this, that all have to fight the virus together in solidarity and responsibility over all generations.
– Team Mysoorunews

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