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Controversies about the national language of India

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Mysuru : The constitution of India does not declare Hindi to be a national language. Dr. DurgaDas Basu, in his commentary on the Constitution of India, Volume 9, 2011 while dealing with Part XVII under the sub-title “ Need for a National Language” observes that the Constitution makers failed to declare one language as the national language of India and what has been provided in the Constitution is mainly a compromise between the diverse claims.Dr. Base in his treatise quotes the Constitutional Law of India by T. K. Tope, wherein the author has stated that Hindi has not been accepted as the national language by the Constitution; the Constitution had not laid down any language as the national language.

According to Article 343, it is stated “The official language of the Union shall be Hindi”. This is all according to the constitution of India and we the people of India have accepted it.


Neron Thakor

1st Year BA Journalism ,

Christ College, Srirampura,

Mysore- 570008.

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