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Contract farming! Farmers plan protest at taluk centres on February 27

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Bengaluru: Experts from different fields including farmer leaders, legal luminaries and anthropologists discussed in length about contract farming and its model ordinance. It was resolved to stage protest at every taluk centres on February 27.

Sahaja Besaya Shaale, Tumakuru had organised the discussion at National College, Bengaluru.

Karnataka Rajya Raita Sangha President Badagalapura Nagendra said “Contract farming will prove detrimental to the inhabitants of the land who will face the threat of being evicted from their own land. The governments which failed to provide a conducive environment to farmers after the country got its freedom are indulge in spreading lies in the name of corporate culture”.

J C Bayya Reddy President of Karnataka Pranth Raita Sangha said ” 53 per cent of livelihood in the country is dependent on farming and rural occupations. About 30 lakh baghair hukum cultivators exist in the country who are still deprived of valid permission from the government. The contract farming is against land reforms Act”.

Former advocate general Prof K Raviverma Kumar said ” Supreme Court has upheld the right of cultivators over the land. It is to ensure security of ownership of the land and its produce. However the ordinance will unsettle the farmers. Moreover it is against the federal structure and will spurt corrupt practices. It seems the law is by the authorities, for the authorities and of the authorities. The central government’s force to bring in amendments to laws of the state is nothing but the interference in state’s domain”.

Prof M K Ramesh from National Law School, Bengaluru said “The intention and details of the ordinance itself is replete with opposition. The intention is only to benefit the investor aka land contractor. Uncertainty prevails over in most of the terms referred to in the ordinance”.

A R Vasavi anthropologist and founder of Punarchit, Chamarajanagar said ” Contract farming has already forayed in an illegal manner and the impact is being felt. The farmers should think beyond produce and revenue to find the alternatives”.

Veerasangaiah of Swaraj Abhiyan said ” An estimated 6.5 crore acres of agricultural land is lying waste in the country and 62.5 lakh acres among them is in the state. The government is not coming out with the exact figures of land acquired for industrial areas, which still remain idle. Such is the impression that only money can buy the land. A farmer is ending life at every 24 minutes and if the situation doesn’t improve, 24 farmers may resort to end their lives at every minute”.

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