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Nandini V/s Amul! Health Minister Sudhakar blames Congress for unnecessary row

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Bengaluru: Nandini products are sold in other states and countries too and our Nandini brand is capable of facing any competition, said Health and Medical Education Minister Dr. K Sudhakar. He criticised that the Congress is unnecessarily politicizing the issue of sale of Amul products in the state.

Speaking to reporters, the minister said, Nandini products are the pride of our state. Former CM BS Yeddyurappa for the first time gave a subsidy of Rs 2 per litre to farmers. Now that is increased to Rs.5. If any government has supported our farmers and Nandini the most it, is the BJP government. Already 16 to 18 different private and public sector brands are selling their milk products in the state. But Nandini, due to its high quality, remians the most preferred brand in the market. So to say that Amul is a threat to Nandini is an insult to our home grown brand.

“We are confident that Nandini is ready to face any competition. Nandini’s products are also being sold abroad. Nandini milk is also being sold in states like Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. Our Nandini milk is being supplied to the armed forces. Our Nandini Ghee is also used in Tirupati’s Laddu Prasad. Congress is doing politics in everything and shedding crocodile tears for farmers,” he said.

On rising Covid cases, the minister said that fresh guidelines have been issued and the focus is on increased testing, genomic sequencing and keeping an eye on hospitalization. Covid is now under control in the state. But people should get the third dose without fail. He also advised people to avoid crowded areas and wear a mask.

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