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College English Theatre Festival At Ramagovinda Auditorium

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Mysuru: The Mysore English Theatre Forum (METF) is conducting an English Theatre Festival for college students from 3rd to 5th February 2023. Seven English plays from six different colleges will be staged during the three days.

The inauguration will take place at 3 PM on Friday, the 3rd of February, at Ramagovinda Rangamandira, Nirvikalpa Road, Ramakrishnanagar, Mysuru, and will be inaugurated by Chief Guest Prof. Rameswari Varma, a renowned theatre personality. Dr. Priya Mathew (St. Joseph’s College B.Ed.), Prof. Sainath Malligemadu (MMK-SDM), Prof. Anita Vimla Braggs (UCFA), Dr. Ravi J D Saldanha (St. Philomena’s College), Dr. Rakesh H M (CRESTA College) and Dr. B Sadashive Gowda (Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering), principals of the performing colleges, will be the Guests of Honour for the inaugural function.


The College English Theatre Festival is to encourage college students to explore the world of English theatre. METF will provide the perofrming teams with an auditorium to stage the plays; make-up, Lighting and refreshments for the teams will also be taken care of by METF

METF is a group of theatre enthusiasts who have come together to promote English theatre activities, for the first time in the city of Mysuru and is focusing on creating a stage for English theatre. Its activities include facilitating the production of English plays by providing the required support in the form of arrangements for staging of plays by interested groups, and also providing directorial support if required. METF also regularly conducts informal play reading sessions, and is in the process of preparing for a public stage reading of an interesting play as an experiment. Membership of METF is consistently growing, and anybody interested in English theatre is welcome to join the group.

For further details, contact Fest Convenor Ms. Seemanthini B Sharma – 98864 57987




Synopses of the Plays

St. Joseph’s B.Ed. College

Play: “Doctor Faustus”

Doctor Faustus, a talented German scholar who decries the limits of human knowledge, believes that he has learned all that can be learned by conventional means. He is offered a choice of Christian conscience by a good angel, and the path to damnation by an evil angel. Lucifer entertains Faustus by calling up the Seven Deadly Sins, personifications of Pride, Covetousness, Wrath, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, and Lechery

Director(s): Ms. Dorin Johnson and Ms. Sharon Namrata are students of St. Joseph’s College. They are majors in English literature. Both are active participants in the drama club, literary club and many more. They strive to encourage students to savour the essence of English literature through forming clubs, conducting activities and making students actively participate. They are both accomplished vocalists in the field of music and theatre.

Cast: Sharon Namratha, Meryl Archana, Kulandai Raj, Pooja, Ronald Britto, Romaina, Thejaswini, Sarah, Tuba, Lloyd



Play: “The Refund”

“The Refund”, written in 1938, is about a man in his 40s who returns to the school where he has studied and demands a refund of the fees he had paid eighteen years before, claiming that he had learned nothing useful at school and is now useless. The play is full of humour and deals with a ridiculous situation.

Director: Ms.Nagasri.S. working as an Assistant Professor at MMK SDM MahilaMahavidyalaya, Mysuru has pursued Post Graduation in English Literature at the University of Mysore and has 10 years of experience in teaching English to Under Graduate Students. She has organized competitions at the state and national levels and has published papers at National and State-level conferences.

Cast and Crew: Monal P K, ThashviGangamma, Bhoomika K D, Anam Fathima, Niharika M S, Prathiksha P, SinchanaMuthamma, Harshitha A, Varshini B L Gowda, Bhanupriya


St. Joseph’s B.Ed. College

Play: “Lit Violentia”

English is a continually changing language impacted by a plethora of other cultures and languages, having originated from Germanic peoples Angles, Saxons, and Jutes who landed in Britain in the 5th century CE. The history of English literature initiated with the history of the English race and changed with the social development of the nation and attained the purpose of reform as well. Writers started highlighting social issues, creating a medium to draw the audience’s attention to certain matters and urge them to think about reform. All works of literature have given us insight into issues and trends prevailing at that time. The root for reformation sprouted from the minds of violence which influenced authors and poets. This play has references to the Bible, Anglo Mysore war, George Orwell’s 1984, literary works of Anthony Burgess, Alice Walker, Philip W Cook, Khaled Hossieni and many more.

Director(s): Mrs. Merlin Matthew and Ms. Vaishnavi R. K are students of St. Joseph’s College of Education. Mrs. Merlin T Mathew is a dancer, singer, actor and writer. She is interested in literature and film studies, focusing on film semiotics. Ms. Vaishnavi R.K. is an aspiring actor, dancer and writer. She is a lover of plays and films. She has attended a course “Acting for the Camera” to perfect her art. She looks forward to work and play in the theatre sphere in the future.

Cast:Rashmitha S R, Vaishnavi R K, Kavana H N, Sneha Mariya Benny M, Swathy Krishna, Avani Nair, Hamna Hassan, Kavya J, Dhenushree G U, Anusha Varkey


CRESTA College of Management, Science and Arts

Play: “Merchant of Venice”

Antonio, an antisemitic merchant, takes a loan from the Jew Shylock to help his friend to court Portia. Antonio can’t repay the loan, and without mercy, Shylock demands a pound of his flesh. The heiress Portia, now the wife of Antonio’s friend, dresses as a lawyer and saves Antonio.

Director: Mrs. Sabeena is an assistant professor in the Department of English at Cresta College, with experience of 20+ years. She has directed and managed numerous plays, the most recent one being “Romeo and Juliet”, which received appreciation from a large set of audience from various colleges.

Cast: Kashish Ameena, PunithPareek, Aryan Kumar, Meghana Hullati, VakyaAccamma M P, Shridhar Singh, Carol Veronica, Prajwal Bangera, Varun M, Saloni Mehta, Bitiah Fernandes, Pranar H, Prasanna, Achyuth


University College of Fine Arts

Play: “One Dark Night”

The play, ‘One Dark Night’ written by Marion V. Hayes, deals with the problems of child labour and poverty that were wide spread during the time of the Second World War. The play narrates the story of a scientist who tries to invent a mechanism that would help the fabric manufacturing industry in order to stop children from working as labourers in the factories. The Orthodox and Conventional minds of the society try to suppress Joe and destroy his invention thinking that he would cause problems to the little earnings of their families. Mrs. Marion depicts her social concern and activism through the play which is still relevant and seems very vital to our socio political situations.

Director: Mr. Nataraja L. Tiptur has graduated from the Theatre School ‘Ninasam’ and has completed his post graduation from Bangalore University, Bengaluru. He has cleared K-SET examination of University of Mysore. Now, he is working as a Guest Faculty in University College of Fine Arts, University of Mysore. He is also a Resource Person in Karnataka Sahitya Academy, Bengaluru.

Cast & Crew: Sachidananda H C, Anagha Desai, Amogh M Kashyap, Shwetha N, Manasa B P, Kalyani H R, Preethi I M, Bhuvana S, Murthy K, Bhavani Kulkarni, Shobha M R, Ananya G S, AneeshaHebbar, Sanmathi, Nayana H V


St. Philomena’s College

Play: “Doctor Faustus”

Dr. Faustus, written by Christopher Marlowe, is a story of a low born man who quickly achieved his doctorate in theology, later in pride of learning more lead him to learn, perform and involve in necromancy, where in the closing of the play his new learning becomes a threat to his life.

Director: William Joseph J is an English professor at St Philomena’s College, Mysore. He has been working for 6 years, actively taking part in Co-curricular activities and encouraging students to participate in competitions and seminars.

Cast: Afnan Pasha, Smrithi, Awin, Keerthana, Aamina, Abhiya, Erum, Pranav, Dakshak


Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering

Play: “The Refund”

The humorous play, ‘The Refund’, was written by Fritz Karinthy in 1938. It was later adapted and translated by Percival Wilde. It is about a pupil named Wasserkopf who, at the age of 40, returns to his school demanding his tuition fees which was paid for his education in the school 18 years ago. Wasserkopf asserts that since he learnt nothing in school, he is owed the money. He offers to take an exam to show that he has learnt nothing, based on the premise that he can fail by giving absurd answers. But his teachers outwit him by showing that he knows enough to know exactly how much he is owed.

Director: Ms. Lakshmi Palecanda, Adjunct Faculty, Department of Humanities, VVCE: Ms. Lakshmi had written, adapted and directed plays during her years as an English Teacher. She is a novelist, published author and communication skills trainer.

Cast: Sundararajan, Stephen, Vineeta, Parinitha P Rao, Pranav Bharadwaj, Pruthin B V, Grason


METF Founder Members: Dr. V R Anil Kumar; ShashidharaDongre; Rajesh Basavanna; SrimathiHariprasad; Seemanthini B Sharma; Nima Manjrekar; Anya; Preethi Nagaraj; MeenuLalwani; Mridula; Meghana

College English Theatre Festival Convenor – Seemanthini B Sharma

Coordinators: ShashidharaDongreNima Manjrekar Rajesh BasavannaA K Monnappa Anuradha Nandakumar Dr.Manohara M C


Support Crew:

Lighting – Jeevan Kumar B Heggodu

Make Up – Ranganatha V

Volunteers: Mekhala Sharma S P; Raazik Rasheed A A; Harshath Ajay V; Vinay Puttaswamy; Nishitha Krishnaswamy; Samyak A Bharthur

-Team Mysoorunews

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