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Christmas message 2022 from Bishop KA William

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Mysuru: Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus more than 2000 years go. Jesus came at a time when society was without a true leader and the letter of the law dominated over the spirit of the law. He came with the message of universal brotherhood and peace amid the differences and diversities that existed in his time. He boldly spoke against the evils of the society. He was a historical personality; the whole world respects him for his sacrifice for the sake of mankind. His teachings are of everlasting significance for everyone.

It is heartening to see many people around the world involved in upholding truth, justice, equality on one side and disheartening to see some people perpetuating arrogance, cruelty and corruption on the other. Scientific and technological knowledge advancements along with globalization have human kind definitely helped but they should be used for the good of our fellowmen. All our educational systems and value consciousness must prioritize wisdom over knowledge, heart over intellect, brotherhood over discrimination.

We may have to do a little more of re-engineering of the family value system, so thatit will nurture promotion of beliefs, traditions and lifestyle of others. Intolerance in any form is a hurdle to peace and harmony in the society. Meaningful co-existence of various beliefs and cultures is the only progressive way to constructive societal transformation. Respecting human life and human relationship brings real happiness to human kind; any thought or action otherwise can lead only to division in the society and thus to disharmony.

The message of Jesus is to love one another and to care for everyone, the neighbours and strangers alike. He came to serve and not to be served. Being a crowd puller, he never misused his authority; he was a trusted leader with utmost humility and selflessness.
Our families, communities and societies should spread the value of love, respect and concern for all without any compartmentalized way of thinking.

Jesus was for all, for all categories of people.We have to take a special caution to develop mutual concern among children; otherwise, the life of people in future may become a misery. Let us promote the virtue of inclusiveness, not the vice of exclusiveness;

open-mindedness, not closed- mindedness. God created us to celebrate life, and to help others celebrate their life. Humanity should be the only bonding factor of human relationships and progress across all demographic and geographic diversities. It is not worthy to be reminded that Christmas is a celebration of Love.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Bright New Year – 2023.

-Team Mysoorunews



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