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Children and pandemic! Doctor gives tips on do’s and don’ts

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Mysuru: Columbia Asia Hospital Mysore in association with Delhi Public School had organised an awareness session on “Children and their new lifestyle amidst the Pandemic” for the students of Delhi Public School, in the city on Tuesday.

The online session was on the impact of pandemic on their lifestyle and how they can overcome the stress and other changes they are going through in the last few months.

It was addressed by Dr Bhuvaneshwar, Consultant Paediatrician, Columbia Asia Hospital Mysore. Shifain, Dietitian, Columbia Asia Hospital Mysore conducted a session on healthy diet for students.

The session covered topics on the change in education method during COVID times, stress and health issues faced by the children and what measures can be taken to avoid this.

Dr Bhuvaneshwar highlighted the sudden change in lifestyle that the students are facing in the recent days. 

“The pandemic has impacted the overall activity of the children from schooling to the outdoor games. Kids are glued to the laptop and TV screen most of the time and they are unable to step out for any of the outdoor activities. There is a lack of interpersonal communication with the teachers and friends thereby voiding them of social development. Although, all these activities look normal now, it can impact the overall development of a child”.

Few pointers discussed during the webinar are:

• Increased screen time: Online classes have increased the screen time of the kids during their school hours as well as rest of the day. Assignments and research is exposing the kids to more digital time.

Solution: Engage kids in any hobby after the school hours like painting, gardening, crafts etc.

• Impact on posture: Maintaining right posture while sitting in front of the computer and laptop is important.

Solution: Don’t let them sit on the sofa or couch while attending classes. Make a proper table and chair arrangement and ensure their back is resting straight on the chair.

• Lack of playtime: Play time is also taken over by TV, laptop or video games as parents are worried to send the child outside the house.

• Solution: Engage them in indoor games. Try to play badminton or cricket with them inside the house gate. This can also give them physical activity.

• Mental Health: It has been observed that the pressure of online classes has affected the mental health of few kids as they are unable to have physical interaction with their teachers and friends.

• Solution: Discuss with them regularly about their classes. Encourage them to ask you questions. Meditation can also help in managing good mental health

• Sedentary lifestyle: Sedentary lifestyle is another problem which has affected the kids due to online classes as they do not step out of the house.

Solution: Exercising every day for 20-30 minutes helps to overcome this

Talking about the online classes, Namrata Sharma, Principal, Delhi Public School Mysore said “The session organised by Columbia Asia Hospital Mysore was informative for our students to understand the change in lifestyle they are going through. We are happy to collaborate with the hospital for this educative session. To avoid any sort of stress or discomfort for our students during the class hours, we make it more interactive and encourage them to ask questions”.

“It is important for the parents to explain children about the current situation and help them cope up with the situation. Discussing with them about the studies and solving their doubts will help in overcoming the stress they are going through. Also, giving them time to adapt to the changes, encouraging them to exercise regularly and indoor activities helps in reducing the sedentary lifestyle as well as the screen time” added Dr Bhuvaneshwar.

Highlighting the importance of having a good diet during the online classes Shifain, Dietitian, Columbia Asia Hospital Mysore said “Eating healthy food is crucial to maintain a good health. As the kids are at home all the time, they demand for junk food. But the parents need to control the consumption of junk food by the kids”.

• Consuming fibre rich food is important

• Avoid junk food like pasta, pizza, deep fried snacks. Include nuts, seeds in the snack

• Make colourful salad to attract kids to eat more vegetables

• Add leafy vegetables in the diet

• Encourage kids to have all meals – Breakfast, lunch and dinner

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