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Child neglect: An overlooked disaster

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Dr Amulya P Rao

Mysuru: Unfortunately, I need to start the topic with a sad news! There has been an increase in the percentage of children with communication disorders due to ‘NEGLECT’ from parents!  

Studies have shown that 1 in every 10 children face this NEGLECT. Very distressing, isn’t it?  Child neglect is considered to be a form of child abuse. How?, might be your question. To understand this, let’s compare the current scenario and the earlier scenario of the FAMILY.


  1. Nuclear family
  2. Majority of the cases, both the parents are working and are busy with their office works which have no time bound these days!
  3. Kids are left under the care of maids and sometimes at grandparent’s house
  4. Kids under maids care are generally left alone to watch TV or given mobile to play with
  5. Kids under grandparents care are often over pampered
  6. Children are infrequently left to play outdoor games with other kids as there will be nobody to monitor the child

The above points highlight on CHILD NEGLECT and they lead to

  1. Lack speech and language stimulation à delay in their speech and language milestones
  2. Lack of communication intent in the child à poor social interaction skills
  3. Cognitive (memory, reasoning, thinking, execution) and motor skills develop poorly
  4. Psychologically these will affect children as the child starts feeling lonely
  5. There might be long standing effects of these as the child grows such as, unable to become independent in life, unable to cope up with social and work pressure, might get involved in unethical activities as there will be lack of values which they need to learn from parents and many more!
  6. Child neglect has become a major cause for communication disorders in children.

Now, just look back at your childhood days. Wasn’t it more colorful than it is for the current generation kids? Of course it was.


  1. Joint family
  2. Kids were under the care of the mother and/or grandmothers/grandparents under the same roof
  3. No mobiles and sometimes no TV as well
  4. Indoor games and outdoors games with friends and family – quite regularly
  5. Parents used to have time-bounded office works and could provide sufficient time for the family as well.
  6. More importance was given to family values

All these helped a child in such families to soundly develop their speech, language, social, cognitive, motor, and psychological skills age appropriately. In those days, ‘child neglect’ was not at all a cause for communication disorders in children. 

Now as parents, it’s time for you decide what kind of family life you want to give to your children. You want the current scenario to continue and want the child to face difficulties in developing all the skills required or you want to give the best family life for your child? Wake –up and understand the importance of each family member’s role in child’s development. CHILDREN ARE YOUR REFLECTION, NEVER NEGLECT!

The executive council of Indian Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ISHA) requests all the parents to spend a quality time with your kids and help them in developing speech, language, social, cognitive, motor, and psychological skills at a proper age.  

Also, we request you all to know the developing milestones of the child and if any concerns are found then to visit the nearest speech-language pathologist and/or audiologist.

To know more on these please read the previous articles https://www.mysoorunews.com/every-parent-must-know-this/ and https://www.mysoorunews.com/know-your-child-thebest/. For more details on audiologists and speech-language pathologists and where to locate them, logon to www.ishaindia.org.in.

(The author is Research Associate, ISHA, Mysuru)

– Team Mysoorunews



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