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CFTRI presents gluten-free cakemix to make muffins, cup-cakes or pastries, easily

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Mysuru: Packaged bakery premixes provide convenience for consumers, foodservice operations and even industrial-scale bakeries. Not only do they save preparation time, they eliminate ingredient-selection hassles. In addition, they allow rapid preparation of consistent products.

Cakemix consists of the functional ingredients namely flour, sugar, shortening, leavening agent, natural colour and flavoring agent. It only requires addition of water or milk, eggs and cooking oil. Using the mixes, cakes can be made in an easy, quick and simple way by beating eggs in a mixing bowl, adding the mixes, oil, water and bake.

Gluten-free cake-mix is a ready to use product. The gluten content in the product should not be more than 20 ppm. It consists of all the functional ingredients to make a cake. The cake mix can be used to produce muffins, cup-cakes or pastries.

Market potential

At present, most of the gluten-free products in the market are based on pure starch resulting in low nutritional quality. Buckwheat-based gluten-free cake-mix is targeted and developed as a specific product for celiac patients. It is higher in protein, fibre and mineral contents as compared to many of the gluten-free products in the market. It will serve the growing consumer demand for healthy and convenient foods.

Principle equipment

Hammer mill, Planetary mixer, electronic balance and sealing machine.

Estimated cost of project (in Rs.)

1 Building and civil work – Rs 120000

2 Principal Plant & Machinery- Rs 274000

3 Auxiliary Equipment – Rs 123300

4 Preliminary/Preoperative Expenses – Rs 63640

5 Working Capital (Margin) – Rs 116630

6 Other fixed assets – Rs 54800

Total project cost- Rs 752370

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