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Branding Mysuru Competition: Here is a chance to pocket cash prize for your ideas

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Mysuru: Karnataka State Tourism Department under Swadesh Darshan 2.0 invites entries for Branding Mysuru Competition-2023.

Mysuru offers a mix of majestic palaces, thriving wildlife sanctuaries and vibrant local craftsmanship, immersing yourself in regal history, lush biodiversity and authentic local experiences that make the city a truly exceptional place to explore for the tourists. Envision a brand identity that brings the world to Mysuru.

Conceived by Karnataka State Department of Tourism in collaboration with the Destination Management Committee of Swadesh Darshan 2.0 scheme, this competition aims to encapsulate the spirit of “There’s always more to experience in Mysuru.”

Embrace this exceptional challenge to craft a collective tourism identity for Mysuru and transform its global perception. We invite the community to share innovative branding ideas that unveil Mysuru’s iconic treasures and hidden gems to the world. And who better to narrate Mysuru’s glories than the proud people of Karnataka themselves!

Join hands to shape the future of Mysuru’s tourism narrative and let your creativity reign!

Launch date: 14 August 2023

The Challenge

Craft a compelling brand identity for Mysuru that encapsulates its essence and resonates with travelers from across the globe. The challenge is to create a curated tourism-focused campaign idea that unveils the hidden treasures of Mysuru to the world using the following 4 elements. Your submission should capture the theme in either one, two, three or all of the following four elements listed below:

A Captivating Logo that symbolizes the regal grandeur, ecological harmony and/or local craftsmanship of Mysuru, capturing its essence in a visual masterpiece.

A Catchy Tagline that evokes a longing for Mysuru, inspiring travelers to come and embark on an extraordinary journey to Mysuru’s realm of wonders.

An Endearing Mascot that connects to the soul of Mysuru and someone every Mysorean can relate to.

Designed Souvenir with standard branding language that celebrates the local handicraft and artisan products of Mysuru that tourists can take with them, forever cherishing the memories of the city. A blog describing your favorite place to visit and/or activity to do in Mysuru. The write up should bring out the essence that there is always more to experience in Mysuru.

Win exciting prizes for each category waiting for your participation.

1st Prize: Rs: 20,000

2nd Prize: 10,000

3rd Prize: 5,000

Register by sending an email to competitions@karnatakatourism.org

Please include your Full Name, Age, Mobile Number, Residential Address and Profession/Student details.

Web link: https://karnatakatourism.org/whats-new/competitions

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