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Brand Channapatna toys! Trishika Kumari Wadiyar promotes indigenous art with her new venture

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Mysuru: Wadiyars who ruled princely Mysore State ( Karnataka) for over 600 years are known as patrons of indigenous art and culture that is still fostered with much reverence.

An artisan engaged in making Channapatna toys

Even after the princely rule ceases to exist, Wadiyars commitment for the cause of the State still remains intact.

The erstwhile royal family has taken up the onus of promoting the brand of Channapattana toys with Karnataka forest and wildlife as a theme.

Trishika Kumari Wadiyar wife of the 27th titular ruler of Wadiyar family Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, is promoting the eponymous Channapatna toys through The Little Bunting, a business venture with the thrust on children’s boutique¬†helmed by her.

The new safari set is inspired by Karnataka forests and Safari.

Trishika Kumari on Instagram explains about the new products.

“When setting up a brand for the promotion of Swadeshi Products for Children, one of my sincere aims was to promote Channapatna Toys, given our family heritage as patrons of the same and my own interest in helping to preserving this important heritage,” explains Trishika.

“I envisioned the making of new toys, namely the Safari Set, which is inspired by the animals we might be able to sight on safari in the Jungles of Karnataka. The entire set of toys is handcrafted in Channapatna and I have overseen the design of the same. The Safari set is an amalgamation of two of my passions, the toy making heritage of Karnataka in the town of, as well as the amazing wildlife in Karnataka. I hope children and parents will enjoy these toys as well understand that this product supports one of India’s oldest handicrafts as well as highlights the need to better understand and appreciate our wildlife and forests.”

The whole set is available exclusively on www.thelittlebunting.com

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