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Bingo it’s Half Albino! Snake rescuer Md Umar Shariff has a rare experience

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Mysuru: Mohammed Umar Shariff a snake rescuer of the city had an unique experience recently.

Following a call from his friend Shazaib who has a lodging in outer-ring road near Vidya Vikas College of Engineering (VVCE), Shariff rushed there.

Shazaib also has birds kept as pets just opposite to his lodge, where an Indian Rat Snake which was completely whitish in colour was spotted.

He explained to Shariff on call and sent him the clipping of the snake which was slithering towards the birds cage. Shariff told him to keep an eye on the snake and just rushed towards the location and saw the White Rat Snake which was “Half Albino” just coiled up behind the box.

Explains Shariff “My heart just missed the beat after seeing that huge whitish Rat snake. I gradually picked it up by my hands and due to uneasiness it regurgitated five mice which it had swallowed before it was spotted. Next morning, the snake was released safely in a suitable habitat.”

“Albinism is caused due to the mutation in genes and fails to produce Melanin, the pigment needed for the growth of skin, scales and eyes. Albino snakes have a very difficult situation living in the wild due to their bright colour and get easily attracted by predators like birds, mangoose etc.,”

Half Albino is where the snake has only partial albinism characteristics and doesn’t have full characteristics like- Reddish eyes, complete white and pinkish body, very much sensitive skin etc.,

According to Shariff “This Half Albino Rat snake which was rescued was almost around seven feet in length and quite aggressive in nature. This was my first ever rescue of Half Albino snake and wishing to rescue a complete Albino snake in Mysuru.”

You can reach Shariff for snake rescue on- 91-7829878980 or 91-7022909205.

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