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Bengaluru losing its glint against the heat of Covid-19

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Bengaluru: Is Bengaluru no more a city of choice, especially for all those fat pays that attracted job seekers with the topping of a metropolitan city?

For now, especially in the time of Coronavirus, the answer seems ‘NO’.

In the last 12 days, the city has crossed 10,000 mark, a steep and alarming rise when compared to 1,000 and odd cases on June 25. It means, in the last one week, the cases have grown manifold like anything suffice to be a spectre that is forcing the urban migrants to look for safe havens in their native places.

On Monday, the capital city alone saw 981 cases against 1843 cases in the state.

The techies as the software professionals are known as, working in IT industry have been working from home for long, ever since the lockdown was announced in March. They remain at home, but are still caught in a bind.

The wary lot are those, who had found odd jobs like cab drivers, marketing professionals, salesmen at tony showrooms in malls and supermarkets to name a few, who are returning home.

The common refrain is- Let’s save our life first, will think of living next. Yes, it has turned into a cliched word in the last four months, as the pandemic sounds a death knell.

Leave aside safety measures and promises to check Covid at bay, better we save our lives first. Bengaluru being the worst hit in recent days, the city for now has been surely losing its glint against the heat of Covid-19.

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