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AT & S India reiterates commitment to abide by laws of land, rejects all allegations

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Mysuru: AT & S India, the country’s first manufacturer of High Frequency and High-Density Interconnect printed circuit boards, once again reiterated its unwavering commitment to fully abiding by all labour laws of the land, and upholding the interests of its workers.
The company continues to adhere to all orders and guidelines of the Hon’ble Courts of land without fail and follows best corporate norms and practices, including

those on wages and compensation.
AT&S India has consistently held the flag high for Karnataka in the production and export of strategic and high-end electronic components and has always offered fair and equal opportunities to all its employees, including trainees.
The company management summarily refutes all charges and allegations made by politicized external union leaders and the vested interests. This group has once again concealed material facts and continued to feed a false narrative to mislead the public at large, including the lot of trainees.
As a matter of fact, the group of terminated non-permanent trainees had indulged in serious acts of misconduct, which warranted disciplinary action by the company. Therefore, management initiated disciplinary action through an independent third party from outside the company, who acted as an Enquiry Officer and conducted the domestic enquiry in strict adherence to the principles of natural justice. The Enquiry Officer then submitted his findings, holding the charges levelled against these trainees as substantiated and verifiable.
After ensuring that the enquiry was conducted in accordance with the principles of natural justice, management dismissed these trainees from their services following legal procedure protocols laid down under the Industrial Disputes Act.
The matter is currently being processed before the Industrial Tribunal, Mysuru and the Deputy Labour Commissioner, Region-2 & Conciliation Officer, Bengaluru, and therefore sub-judice.
A company spokesperson has stated: “It is unfortunate that these dismissed trainees
have pre-empted the legal process and resorted to unwanted comments on Courts.
In an outrageously political manner, a select odd group of two dozen from the larger lot of dismissed trainees have now started street marches with choreographed displays and pamphleteering to portray a totally false and skewed narrative by concealing important facts and bringing in new elements, which are nowhere related to the case on hand. While the case under discussion is based on grounds of pure misconduct and absolute indiscipline which has also been established by an independent third-party Enquiry Officer, a group of politicised external union leaders, and vested interests along with new political aspirants have unnecessarily tried to give it a spin of wages and other falsehoods.”
AT&S India hiring and recruitment policies are fully compliant with laws of the land and ensures full protection to interest of all workers.
As a fully compliant corporate entity adhering to all good governance norms, it has always acted with full responsibility towards not only its employees but also the larger neighbourhood and society it operates in.
As one of the best places to work in the region, AT & S India is held in high esteem by its workers and business partners.
The company currently employs around 1300 workers, more than 98% of whom are from the state of Karnataka itself.
“AT&S India has already walked the extra mile to explore avenues of settlement but
found total intransigence on part of the group of terminated non-permanent trainees who seem to have been misled by politicized external union leaders and the vested interests which keep changing the goalpost. This group has tried to hijack the narrative by spreading falsehood and jettisoning all offers on negotiated settlement while seeking to create a political space for themselves.
Obviously, the agitating group is neither
interested in any negotiated settlement nor has any respect to the judicial processes and
institutions of the state.
Editor’s Note
AT & S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik Aktiengesellschaft – First choice for advanced applications
AT&S is a leading manufacturer of high-end printed circuit boards and IC substrates. AT&S industrialises leading-edge
technologies for its core business segments Mobile Devices & Substrates, Automotive, Industrial and Medical.
AT&S has a global presence with production sites in Austria (Leoben, Fehring) and plants in India (Nanjangud), China (Shanghai,
Chongqing) and Korea (Ansan near Seoul). The company employed roughly 10,000 people in the financial year 2019/20.
For further information please visit www.ats.net
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