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Army generals are not criticised during a war 

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Mysuru: This is what is happening as reported in the media. We have to hang our head in shame the way our elected leaders are demotivating the officials by criticizing publicly. 

Everyone knows the surge of covid virus is an undeclared war. Besides being powerful, the enemy is also invisible. We have still not figured out how to fight this enemy. Our safety is in following protocols like wearing mask, maintaining social distances and washing hands frequently. By taking vaccine we have a better chance to keep the enemy at bay. 

Since we had no prior understanding of how severe the second wave would be, even the best of planners would not have anticipated the quantum of oxygen, ICU beds, ventilators or critical medicines etc that were required. More than likely we will soon face shortage of doctors and nurses also as foreseen by Dr Devi Shetty. 

Officials and all covid related personnel at all levels need public support. Irrespective of our past differences, we need to extend a supporting hand. In times of war, it is only those who are able to take timely decision can be effective. Some will inevitably and sadly suffer. It is not wise to evaluate their judgements without being in the trenches. Also to highlight such mishaps as dereliction of duties will not serve any purpose. If they do commit mistakes, let us conduct a  post mortem once the war is over. 

We most sincerely urge the media to publish news that lifts the morale of officials and other covid warriors and not those that demotivates them.

Making public statements by standing safely at a distance is not good leadership.  If one cannot appreciate and say a good word at this critical time, remaining silent would be of greater help. Let us win this war by standing together. 

Bhamy V Shenoy (Founding Working President of MGP), Ashvini Ranjan (Founding Managing Trustee of Pratham Mysuur) 
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