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Amid lockdown, animal world at Mysuru zoo comes to life

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Mysuru: Ever since Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens closed its doors to check the spread of Coronavirus, tourists are a disappointed lot.

A zoo staff using hand sanitiser.

But, there are many who are enjoying the ‘break’ from the routine to the hilt. The animal world at Mysuru Zoo the popular name of Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens has come to life, with chirping birds making the environ. With no tourist footfall, there is a change in behaviour of animals irrespective of species- herbivores and carnivores.

The zoo is home for nearly 1,400 plus animals and 75 plus bird species.  However, Chimpanzees are in dull mood because it enjoys human movement, while the remaining animals are in a very happy and relaxed mood.

A security guard at zoo undergoes thermal screening against Coronavirus.

Zoo executive Director Ajith Kulkarni told Mysoorunews.com “its happy time for animals during lockdown, as all the animals and birds are very normal and relishing their food and feel happy among themselves, with no human rush inside the zoo. However, chimpanzees are the only species of animal upset without people’s footfall, he said. 

He also said that, “we have nearly 200 staff who have taken all precautionary measures with masks and sanitisers and managing social distance continuously and also caring for animals.
Summer management
During summer animals are also worried about coming out of their enclosures. Hence, additional arrangements like water sprinklers, ice fruits, electrolytes and others will be made to beat the summer heat. It has become a norm during every summer to adopt scientific methods towards animal care and is repeated this time also, he added.
Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens  popularly known as Mysore Zoo, was established in the year 1892. The area including Karanji lake is spread over nearly 200 acres. The zoo is second most active facility in Asia continent.
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