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AAP wins Punjab with big sweep, emerges as an alternative at national level: Malavika Gubbivani

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Mysuru: “Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has achieved a tremendous success in Punjab by winning 92 seats and 42% vote share. It is a massive sweep. When AAP came to power in Delhi we had said that we have come to change the rotten political system and not just to change a rotten government”, recalled AAP Mysuru convener Malavika Gubbivani,

“You are aware that the front runner BJP was talking about Mandir-Masjid, us and them and 80-20 etc., but we forced the narration back to public education, health, transport, women’s security. Today Karnataka and many other states are copying our model of government schools, mohalla clinics. People have forgotten the much hyped “Gujarat model”, which has now vanished into thin air.

They ridiculed us when we gave free water and electricity to the poor, but all other parties started giving out free water and electricity. We said we will give money to all women to empower them and other parties followed the suit again. People have seen what we did in Delhi, even though the main stream media never showed it. But people of Punjab, who live very close to Delhi, could see and feel it. They could see what an honest government could do. They realised how taking money for vote is injurious to their health and family welfare” she said.

“We have also shown the country how ordinary people, with no muscle or money power, can contest and win the elections. We fielded people who honestly wanted to serve their constituency and that has shown results”, said Malavika.

AAP’s win in both Delhi & Punjab has shown that it is not always money, caste, vote bank politics that work. That kind of politics has never fetched any party such a huge mandate than Aam Aadmi Party. People are just waiting for a credible party that will work on their issues. AAP has emerged as an alternative at national level”.

The results in Punjab will have far reaching repercussions. AAP is now recognised as a state party in three states- Delhi, Punjab and Goa. With one more state, AAP will be a national party and all eyes are now on Gujarat, which goes to polls in nine months. The fear among traditional corrupt parties is now palpable. Local level elections like BBMP, MCD are being postponed and people are being denied their rights guaranteed by the 74th Amendment. AAP will continue to highlight all this in its fight to set the system right.

AAP takes this opportunity to thank all the voters, donors, supporters and volunteers, who made this victory possible. AAP also thanks the media who gave their time and space.

AAP youth leader Mohammed Ismail, Renuka Prasad and media coordinator Vidyaranya were present at the press meet.

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