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A trek to twin lakes in Kashmir

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D S D Solanki

Kashmir: Rivers, Streams, Meadows, deodar Trees, Sheep’s, Mules, Shepherds, Bhakarwals, trekking in Copious Rains and boulders, But the Blue lakes and soft shifting clay freezes our tired feet rejuvenating our soul leaving us sprouting new sense of life.

It is said where is heaven, it’s in Kashmir Dr Tanushree Jena a Gynecologist from Nanjangud taluk in Mysore District who is on her second trek in Himalayan ranges who went for a trek from Sept 3-11, 2022 to Tarsar Marsar in Pahalgam in Anantnag District in Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir under the aegis of Tiger Adventure foundation in association with Pahadi adventures, Uttarakhand.

“Though it was my first trek in my life to Himalayas but there were lot of butterflies in stomach as how will it be and the natures call and how to get into the sleeping bag were all boggling in my mind and this type of expedition helps us to divert our minds from monotonous lives and changes the perspective of life”, says Dr Vidya Jeevan a Professor from Raja Rajeshwari Medical College, Bangalore.

“Tarsar Marsar the seven day trek is of about 56 kms which starts from Aru Valley in Pahalgam and passes through various six camps like Liderwat, Shekawas, Tarsar, summit at Tarsar lake and pass through Tarsar pass, Sundarsar, Marsar and summit at Marsar Lake and descend down to Gudmargi river side camp and culminate back at Aru Valley and this trek was simply awesome a way to rediscover ourselves and which rejuvenated us”, says Dr Sowmya Rajpurohit of Mahabubnagar in Telangana.

Rains: Anyone trekking in this ranges get mesmerized with the beauty of the valley, river, flora & fauna and the blue lakes, but the trek amidst the rain from Liderwat to shekawas become slushy but when the drizzle stopped the nature really mesmerized again with the clouds just moving along with us and its said to gain something you got to pass through the pain and this pain was worth it, But when we reached the Tarsar Lake our first summit which is bluish in colour, just captivated our hearts, says Dr Rashmi B N  Asst Professor of Anatomy at Mysore Medical College who was leading the expedition.

Tough Part: But the trek from Tarsar to Sundersar via ridge and to Marsar lake via Tarsar Pass amidst the boulders was challenging one, says Daksha Gupta of Cochin from Kerala.

Tarsar Marsar lake which is at a height 12,500 feet to 13,500 feet is one of the all time favourite treks by Indians and other trek enthusiasts all over the world and it was merely a dream come true for me as I successfully accomplished both the summit. This trek has shot up in fame over the past two years, and has almost become as popular as its sister trek, the Kashmir Great Lakes, asserts Preethi Padaki, a Dance Instructor from Mysore.

Though we have travelled to Kashmir twice, but the true beauty lies in trek as we get to see the beautiful meadows, sheep’s grazing, music of the flowing river, tall pine trees, fascinates the trekkers, feels Dr Shravan Pandit of Haveri.

The trekkers were enthralled at the summit of the Tarsar and Marsar and we could see the happiness on the face of the trekkers as they made the reels for the social media and hoisted the tricolour on the lakes, reminisces Rekha Pawan Kumar, a IT professional from Bangalore.

The reason why this trek remains close to my heart is when you learn how a person can be so selfless and can sacrifice their dreams for others. Each trek is a great experience. It offers good and bad and it’s up to us to take the positive vibes and move on, says Dr Rashmi B N.

There were about 12 doctors and five others who participated in this expedition from different parts of the country like, Cochin, (Kerala) Mahabubnagar, (Telangana), Bangalore, Chamarajanagar, Haveri, Mangalore, Mysore and Nanjangud.

The team members were, Dr Rashmi B N (Team Leader) Dr Tanushree Jena, Dr Santosh Kumar Bennur, Dr Shravan Pandit, Dr Vaishali Pandit, Dr Soumya Raj Purohit, Dr Shravan Raj Purohit, Dr Sangeetha U V, Praveen Gowda, Dr Vidya G S, Dr Nagesh Shanbagh, Dr Smitha Shreesha, Daksha Gupta, Rekha K L, Pawan Kumar & Preethi Padaki.

The expedition was coordinated by PHF D S D Solanki of Tiger Adventure Foundation, Gaurav Rawat of Pahadi Adventure, Uttarakhand, Dr Swetha M of Mysore and Santosh R, Hon Secretary of Tiger Adventure Foundation.

(The writer is the Chairman of TAF)

– Team Mysoorunews 

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