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A big salute to our Covid-19 warriors

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R Chandra Prakash

Mysuru: The ‘Ghost’ of Covid-19 has unnerved every citizen in the country. We are frightened of our own shadow, let alone our friends, kith and kin. Lockdown has rendered us totally home bound. House work is now totally “ do-it-yourself” as support from maids and gardeners has just vanished.

R Chandra Prakash

What one heard from our children about ‘house-hold-chores’ in the USA, has come to haunt us in our own homes! The ‘Touch’ has become a very sensitive issue.

Constant information on every media is bombarding us with how to keep social distance, how to keep our face masked, how to keep washing our hands, how to disinfect surroundings and so on and so forth. If one makes a call on mobile first few seconds or even a minute is lost in hearing various advisories not only from the governmental agencies but also from the cellular service providers! TVs are constatnly showing  how even the world’s most developed nations are on their knees, despite their highly rated medical facilities and responsive governments. Number of infected persons all over the world has crossed million and the number of deaths is scaring.

We in India have had very poor opinion about our Police, Government Medical Services [hospitals, doctors, nurses, hygiene etc.,], Municipal workers [solid waste collectors, road cleaning staff etc], Asha Workers, government school teachers and a host of other service agencies working under local-self system of the state level departments. They were considered either inefficient, corrupt or a burden on the society. 

Therefore, under the circumstances that we are living today, these government agencies should have simply evaporated due to the personal risks one confronts from the ‘Ghost’ of Covid-19. But what we are witnessing is entirely converse of this opinion.

Irrespective of the personal health risk police force all over the country is carrying on its yeomen service under excrutiating conditions. They confront irresponsible citizens flouting the lockdown, irresponsible or even mischievous infected persons hiding in highly congested areas, and criminal elements pelting stones on them. Hot sun, or raining, day or night our daring police force is struggling to maintain the law and order so that the Covid-19 contagian does not spread dangerously.

Similarly the government medical staff of every denomination are exposing themself due to lack of necessary protective gears, and carrying on to serve the nation. Stories of high handedness and misbehaviour from a group of infected persons under quarantine has not detered these committed medical staff in different parts of the country from discharging their duties.

The municipal employees continue to keep the cities clean by collecting solid waste, by spraying disinfectants, by fogging the areas around us and by attending to every contingency at a time when every other citizen is confined to the protection and comforts of  home.

ASHA workers are going door-to-door collecting crucial information on the citizens, regarding their travel history, health details and that of their neighborhood.

Our pilots have risked their life in travelling to various parts of the world where our countrymen were stranded or even infected by the virus. The accompanying airhostesses, the various airport support staff have rendered exemplary service to keep the country’s name high in the international community at a time when several air travel service providers the world over have stopped their services.

Finally, the various governement officers, from the chief secretaries down to the lowest level of administration have worked behind the scene, unseen 24×7 for the past few weeks.

If we are feeling protected in our houses  from this elusive infection, then the credit for this should go entirely to the very governmental agencies whom we always suspected.

If India, a country of 1.3 billion population, has succeeded in containing this ‘Ghost’ of Covid-19, it is entirely due to services of these Covid Warriors. We bow our head in great sense of gratitude to these men and women and we salute these Warriors.

Mail: chandra.rcp166@gmail.com

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