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251 Oxygen medical cylinders supplied from Mysuru to Ch’nagar: DC Rohini Sindhuri clarifies with ‘facts’

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Mysuru: Following the grave allegations levelled by her Chamarajanagar counterpart M R Ravi by releasing a press note putting Mysuru district administration in the dock over oxygen supplies to Chamarajnagar, Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri has issued a detailed clarification, with corroborative document.

The deputy commissioner has released a copy of report submitted by deputy drugs controller, Mysuru region on ‘ filled medical oxygen cylinders supplied to Chamarajanagar Institute of Medical Sciences from refillers located in Mysuru’.

According to the split numbers of oxygen cylinders supplied, starting from May 02, 10.20 AM to May 03, 3.15 AM, 251 cylinders were supplied from Mysuru to Chamarajanagar. Barring 40 cylinders from district hospital Mysuru, remaining were supplied from M/s Southern Gas Ltd and M/s Padaki Air Products.

The matter is under inquiry as per the orders of the State Government. However Chamarajnagar deputy commissioner, without waiting for the enquiry to be completed, continues to make false allegations against Deputy Commissioner Mysuru in media, Rohini Sindhuri has stated.

Hence, the following facts are stated –

1. I categorically state that as Deputy Commissioner of Mysuru I did not ration or control Oxygen supplies to Chamarajanagar or any other district.

2. The oxygen supplies to a district are entirely between the supplier/re-filler and the district. Another deputy commissioner has no role or authority in the same.

For example Mysuru oxygen supplies are from Ballari. If supplier from Ballari supplies less, I cannot blame Deputy Commissioner Ballari.

3. It is the responsibility of the district to manage their own oxygen supplies.

If any supplier does not supply or district needs are not met then supervision and correction is by the State level officers. The DC Chamarajnagar should have coordianated with these State Level officers and got his supplies. He failed to do that and now blaming DC Mysuru.

4. As a matter of fact Mysuru district, upon emergency request from Chamarajnagar, took out 40 Oxygen Cylinders out of its own district Hospital on night of May 1 and sent to Chamarajnagar. All these facts will be proved in the enquiry that is already ordered by the State Government.

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